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The forgotten Nutz and Bolt

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  • The forgotten Nutz and Bolt

    After every event, I put the car on the lift to inspect for leaks, scrape off rubber, clean with 409 (as it turns Mobil 1 Magenta in color to find leaks), and nut & Bolt inspection - including converter and 4-link. I always tell myself to remember to check the water pump, oil pump and Balancer bolts - but too often I forget. Last weekend on the Vitamin C, the water pump bolts were a little loose and 4 of five face screws on the ATI balancer were missing. On top of that, the water pump was wired reverse the impeller flow.

    I hadn't (and still haven't) run the Vitamin C in 5-6 years, and I should have done a better job inspecting since buying back. The car was disassembled by the last owner and painted. It looks like the reassembly was a little rushed.

    Anyway the balancer, water pump, and oil pump bolts are pretty important and needs to move up the importance Priority for me to check
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