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2023 HOF Nominees

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  • 2023 HOF Nominees

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    If you read the HOF Rules, you know that for 2023 the Hall of Fame Inductee will be choice through a vote of confirmed NSS Racers on this Forum.

    It starts with nominations.

    In this discussion, nominate someone not previously nominated in the discussion, and give a brief reason why that person should be the next Inductee. Keep in mind that your NSSRacing nominee needs to be over 60 and not raced in an NSS Event for the last 3 years - or deceased. Not everyone will know your nominee, so sing their praise.

    If your choice had already been nominated you can reply to that nomination post with a Second or Third. You can also reply to any nomination post with your comments.

    So who do you think is most deserving to be the second inductee into the NSSRacing HOF

    You need to be a NSS Racer to make a nomination. You also need to be a registered member of this forum to post. It's simple, fast and secure.
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    I start with my Nominee - so members can see how the nomination process works

    I nominate Mark Artis of Frisco, Texas

    I believe he meets the eligibility of being over 60 years old and not raced in an NSS Event in three years

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    Dan Bell (also a possible good choice) owned a 63.5 Ford called Texas Thunder and Mark Artis was driver.

    For quite a few years in the 90s and early 2000s Mark and Dan (along with Damon, Clay & Rosie, Bill & Musi and others) travel the NSS circuit.

    In 2004, Mark created the Club "Texas Outsiders" and there were about a dozen races fir NSS and NMC.

    Mark is a NSS purest, instrumental in the rules 20 years back, and was always trying to promote the class. He was very helpful to me when Ingot started in the class - and in drag racing. He was a bigger help to young men like my son Dallas.

    These are my reasons for Nominating Mark Artis fir induction to the 2023 Hall of Fame

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      The above is how I envision NSS Racers should nominate their candidate.

      Your nomination should be a reply in this discussion.

      If you wish to either comment on a nomination of second it (not required, but let's others agree to nomination) use the Quote link at the bottom of the post you want to comment on. All nominations need be on this discussion/thread - so they can be viewed in one place. Nominations are accepted only from known NSS Racers. The Nominee doesn't necessarily need to be a NSS driver, it could also be a car owner or crew member if they also had a significant influence on making the Class better.
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