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    The Moser Lightweight axles and disc brake conversion. It turned out that they screwed up and made one the wrong length, and we found that our Old Strange Dana was set up with Ford Big Bearings. So we agreed to pay for the shipping back for them to make a new axle with Ford bearings and cut the other down to install Ford Bearings. They came back but now the axle retaining plates for the brake Calipers were cut for the Dana Bearing and they don't sell plates for the Dana with Ford Bearings. I took to a CNC shop to cut a larger bearings slot - but they needed two weeks. Problem was I had an appointment with paint shop the next day. Temporary brackets to hold the axles in to be moved at low speed were made.

    I take the car and a scoopless hood given to me by Mark Buchannan to Randy Stansbury to match the paint and remove fender lettering.

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    I ordered the proper little 600cfm carbs from Summit along with a Racepak V300 and sensors. I didn't get the screen, as I might need to use as a NSS backup and I need my gauges.
    I ordered a ProTrans, but its an 8 month wait - so next year for that.

    I leave in the morning to bring back to finish.
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