December 9, 2022

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NMCA Adds to Eligible Cars for NSS

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A little Birdie told me there will be a rule change. We all know the average age of NSS is getting older every year and more hang it up every year. We need new blood but need to also be selective. I’d really hate to see Compacts, Small Blocks, Camaros and Mustangs in the class. I’ve always felt that extending the years in the same cars – but not past the Net HP era – is the best way to get some “New Blood”, but without the Mullets.

I know some will hate this. I’m sort of a purest to the concept of only early 60s multi-carb big blocks in Intermediate bodies, but we’re dying off and shouldn’t take the class with us. I suggested these changes to NMCA, as I don’t want to see the class to die off but want it to stay 90% big blocks into Intermediates and no more Pony Cars and Compacts.

There’s not a whole lot of difference under the skin of a 68 Coronet from a 67, or 68 Ford Intermediate from the 67, or the 68 GM Intermediates from 67s. It’s true Ford and GM went from square to coke bottle – but 55 years later its nominal. The drivetrains and suspensions were the same. There are a lot of nice guys with 68-71 Chevelles, 68-71 Road Runners, 68-71 Torino GTs, 68-71 442s, 68-71 Super Bees…

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