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    I ordered my iWatch about two months ago, when my Fitbit crapped out. It came in last week and I'm impressed. I'm sure I only scratched the surface of what it can do but I use it for

    Track steps
    Phone calls
    Fox News app displays breaking news
    Reminders to stand and deep breathe
    E*TRADE alerts
    My google calendar reminder alerts
    Siri (What's the score of...)
    Quite a bit more.

    I'm pretty happy with the investment an Rolex is in safe!

    Maniacal Ravings of an Old Hippie
    Shop Diary of an Old NSS Racer

    My image posting solution was to go to Southern Star Hosting, to register the domain of for less than $10, and hosting for less than $5 a month. I then installed the Free Application Zen Photo with one click from my Control Panel. I have tens of thousands of my photo digitized, which in time I'll upload there to preserve from disaster, and access from anywhere. In the meantime it makes for a great place to host my forum photos - plus I can still install 24 more free applications on that site if I cared to.