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Old Harleys and Bad Gas

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  • Old Harleys and Bad Gas

    This is 'Ole Blue'. I bought her new 24 years ago this week.

    To celebrate my son Buster, daughter Pepper, Ole Blue and I are heading to Bandero in the toy hauler in morning. There is a ride called Three Twisted Sisters that has the reputation of being the most dangerous 100 Motorcyle road in America. At the start there is a sign telling you how many bikers have been killed on it.

    Dallas as and I rode it a couple of years ago. I was on my Geezerglide, and it was really too heavy a bike for an old man like me, and while fun, I promised to come again someday and do it again on a light bike - before I got too old.

    I've been neglecting old blue by riding my Drifter 1500 and Geezerglide all year. I went to start Old Blue Monday and the battery was weak, even though it had been on a trickle charge. I reset the trickle charge and tried to start yesterday, but battery was still weak - so I pulled it and bought a new one.

    I installed the new battery today, and rode to gas station, where it took 5.9 gallons of gas. I rode the 40 miles to my shop and it ran like shit, and it had to keep choke half on and feather the throttle at 1/5 throttle to get it and keep it at 50mph. I'm really bumming because that's the bike I really wanted to take and I already have non-refundable reservations at a campground.

    I post this as I did get it fixed at this might be a help to someone else.

    Rididing to shop I figure bad gas is the culprit. I figure the low idle squirter is what got me to shop and others are clogged. At the shop I pull the air cleaner and squirted a lititle carb and choke cleaner into the S&S Super Carb. The only real modifications to the 80ci motor is the S&S and Sampson Fishtail pipes. I take for a ride and still runs like shit.

    Back at the shop I spray carb cleaner in the circuits located at 6-o'clock and 9-oclock and all kinds of brown shit comes out of 9-oclock - staining the pig blanket I held under carb brown. I take for a ride and still runs like shit. I'm starting to think this is above my pay grade and bumming, but decide to give it one more shot. I hose the shit outta those orfficises with a half can of carb cleaner until recently brown starts and stops again. I take for a ten mile ride at WOT at 90-100 (that's all the ole gurl's ever had as it is a five speed) and it's actually never fun better.

    So I'm back on track. still need to load up, get truck inspected, and renew registration on truck and Harley. Then grocery shopping

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