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Ok, Who served in the Military?

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  • Ok, Who served in the Military?

    I enlisted in 1972, days after turning 17 - and was the youngest (legally, a 16-year-old black kid was caught lying about his age at the same time and sent home) for about a month. It was during a time most young men didn't enlist until their draft notice showed up.

    I'm in second row DOWN, and sixth from right, as you look at photo.

    I was a Motor Pool Heavy truck driver and at times a VIP driver. I was active duty from 1972-1975. At the end of Vietnam there was both a reduction of forces and I was involved in a very bad accident where I went through the windshield in a roll over - restricting my ability to drive heavy trucks because of back, leg and shoulder injuries - so I elected to trade one year Active Duty for two years Active Reserves 76-77 driving lighter vehicles and training others.

    So who else "Was In"?

    I was too young to know the importance of photo documentation, so the below represents every photo I have during

    Maniacal Ravings of an Old Hippie
    Shop Diary of an Old NSS Racer

    My image posting solution was to go to Southern Star Hosting, to register the domain of for less than $10, and hosting for less than $5 a month. I then installed the Free Application Zen Photo with one click from my Control Panel. I have tens of thousands of my photo digitized, which in time I'll upload there to preserve from disaster, and access from anywhere. In the meantime it makes for a great place to host my forum photos - plus I can still install 24 more free applications on that site if I cared to.

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    Drafted March '70, in RVN Sept '70, Armor/infantry. 25th Infantry Division, 11th Armored Cav, Americal Infantry Division. Home and out by Oct 1971.


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