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Ok, Who served in the Military?

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  • Ok, Who served in the Military?

    I enlisted in 1972, days after turning 17 - and was the youngest (legally, a 16-year-old black kid was caught lying about his age at the same time and sent home) for about a month. It was during a time most young men didn't enlist until their draft notice showed up.

    I'm in second row DOWN, and sixth from right, as you look at photo.

    I was a Motor Pool Heavy truck driver and at times a VIP driver. I was active duty from 1972-1975. At the end of Vietnam there was both a reduction of forces and I was involved in a very bad accident where I went through the windshield in a roll over - restricting my ability to drive heavy trucks because of back, leg and shoulder injuries - so I elected to trade one year Active Duty for two years Active Reserves 76-77 driving lighter vehicles and training others.

    So who else "Was In"?

    I was too young to know the importance of photo documentation, so the below represents every photo I have during

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    Drafted March '70, in RVN Sept '70, Armor/infantry. 25th Infantry Division, 11th Armored Cav, Americal Infantry Division. Home and out by Oct 1971.




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