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Thread: RIP...........E.J. Potter

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    RIP...........E.J. Potter

    Just heard that EJ Passed away ......71...truly an icon in our sport...


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    Can't remember seeing him run a V8 powered motorcycle but he had the pulling tractor with Allison aircraft engines. They would be the dirtiest looking piece of junk but would kick the pretty boys butt. EJ Potter the Michigan Mad Man RIP

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    He ran at Alton Dragway in the mid 60s a few times!I remember seeing him come off that V8 powered bike once at the finish line.I guess that's why he was nick named the michigan madman.Rumor was he was institutionalized when he came up with that bike!Always put on one hell of a show though! RIP EJ

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    Another Racer passes away! Harry Schmidt The original owner of the Blue Max AA/FC passed away a few days ago.Rest In Peace Harry.

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