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  • aluminium bumper brackets

    Does anybody know where to buy aluminium bumper brackets for a 1968 barracuda?

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    Made my own out of flat stock, sort of resembles a "T", side brackets look like "U" (very thin stock) and aluminum nuts, bolts, and washers. With fiberglass bumpers you can get by with nylon on the bumper . Been on the front of my car since '99 with no problems. Check them regularly.



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      Same here on all front and rear fiberglass bumpers out of our shop........we make em up out of aluminum stock and light weight bolts.



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        Yup - Mark did the bumper brackets out of thin Aluminum stock for the fiberglass bumpers on my Red Coronet and Whale -- and they worked well. Are your bumpers fiberglass or steel?


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          Dave, the '68 brackets are pretty simple, you guys could probably whiz them up in your shop in an hour or two.

          Don't overlook the small u-shaped brackets Jay mentioned - I built an aluminum bumper for my '63 years back and the ends sagged (rotated downward) over the course of time.

          I started working on an aluminum bumper for my '68 but set it aside until the car is running again.
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