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Colored Lexan and Plexiglass Question

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  • Colored Lexan and Plexiglass Question

    I know that there is a difference between Lexan and Plexiglass, with Lexan being of a polycarbonate formula, making i stronger and not breaking as dangerously.

    I also know (or at least was told) that Plexiglass isn't NHRA legal in a drag car, but I don't know if that's for windshield only, or if that includes some or all side windows.

    They reason I bring this up is that I'm interested in doing "Old School" colored tinted side glass for my car. I've tried to find colored Lexan, but all I can find is colored Plexiglass.

    Questions are:
    1. What are the Gassers using
    2. Can you use colored Plexiglass in drivers and/or side wkndows
    3. Does anyone know where to get colored Kexan
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