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Autopsy of Vitamin C's Engine

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  • Autopsy of Vitamin C's Engine

    So at the race in Denton a couple of weeks ago, my car stalled during burn out, and had a terrible vibration when restarted.

    In the pits, number four spark plug was found broken. The rockers, torque converter bolts, timing chain, and everything else external that could checked was checkec, and it was determined that it had to be internal. I loaded up and headed home, with the suspicion that the Number four rod cap had a bolt failure.

    The follow Thursday, my son pulled the engine for me as I had an appointed at VA Hospital and Thursday is his only day off, and he sent me a video of water pouring out of oil pan. I then suspected that Number Four most likely Hydrolocked, and broke the rod.

    Today the engine was torn down

    Piston and rod number four were broken and mangled, with the cap in the oil pan. It's neighbor number three was also damaged.

    It appears that the cylinder wall in four was too thin to have been bored .030 and collapsed, with water in cylinder hydrolocking the piston/rod and busting the rod as I had suspected.

    So the block is toast, two relatively new Ross domed pistons are also toast. The cam needs to be reground. The crank was already .030 over, so it has its future is being turned down for a Low Deck 400/451/499, and I'll need a new crank in addition to a 440 block and pair of pistons.

    I might as well get a set of Eagle rods rather than buy two, especially as they look like "Catch of the Day" forged H-Beams anyway. The heads (although I'll send to machine shop for better inspection), rockers, lifters, pushrods, and lifters all appear good - as is intake, distributor and oil pan.

    I'll obviously need new rings, bearings, timing set, gasket set, ... and its time to make another motor plate as this one is starting to pit.

    So the search is on for an excellent 440 block that can go to a clean .030 after a sonic test. If you know here I can get that block, let me know.

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