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  • Outfitting Race Trailers

    This post contains how I outfitted a 2014 34' gooseneck trailer I have to transport my car to races that my Motorhome and stacker aren't a good choice. Please post ideas on how you outfitted you trailer in subsequent posts of this thread.

    This is what the interior looked like when I bought it.

    Current views of inside of trailer

    One of the first things I did was to add a couple more recessed D-Rings and glue and screw Diamond Plate onto the floor to keep hot tires from discoloring and wrinkling the vinyl. What my brother did to his trailer was also cool. He had fiberglass boat decking sprayed onto floor and about 4" up walls - so he can hose out and scrub without saturating the wood and having it prematurely rotting.

    I also hung a rubber backed carpet on driver's side, but I need to add the a top molding strip as it now sags.

    On curbside rear, I have a double helmet and clothes rack for helmets, suit, gloves, shoes, neck brace...

    To rear of trailer are Rubbermaid strips with hangers for brooms, blower, extension cord and whatever else appropriate to hang.

    About mid-trailer curbside, I have the shelving/fold down table more typically mounted on door.

    Also have a bike rack mounted on wall next to it. Need to fix flat and rehang.

    Fuel Jug storage mounted on street side, about mid-trailer. I didn't mount in attic because I may occassional sleep up there.

    Just inside the side door is a jack pouch with a 2-ton low profile aluminum jack

    On the wall by bench is an air hose holder, pair of disposable fire extinguishers, and a battery cutoff switch to 12000# winch. I installed a battery cut off after a cable fire from a short. Many have asked "Why the 12,000 pound?" It is because they're $259 when on sale on Harbor Freight once a year, and $299 on monthly sales. I have one on my open trailer, stacker and the last two stackers. Never an issue and will pull my truck!

    I set the gel battery into a steel battery box with high density foam between battery and box to reduce shock and protect battery bottom from bare metal. The 150PSI air compressor is enough to air up Load G & H trailer tires or my truck. I have air lines run under the trailer with out let under door so I only have to carry hose. I have enough hose to reach car if pitted behind trailer and truck's front tires.

    Both compressor and battery box are set into the bottom tray I cut off a rolling toolbox. The winch is bolted to a piece of channel iron, with steel plate on underside of trailer - as to not rip out floor. Since I have winch moved to side, I mounted a recessed D-Ring, also heavily reinforced under floor, and a snatch pulley to center cable. Snatch pulley can be disconnected and moved out of the way. I have a wireless remote that controls winch so I can steer car.

    i have the standard strap rack with various types of straps for different cars I have. Also have a cord reel by door that is held closed to wall (and not flopping around) by large magnet.

    In the attic I have a cot, sleeping bag, footlocker, heater, and I store a stool, pit mat and reclining chase lounge up there.

    I used angle steel in front and ends of the top of upper cabinets so I can keep two battery chargers, a couple of baskets (one with cordless
    drill, impact wrench, charger and bits), cases of oil....

    That black circle on SE corner of above photo is a plug to pass through the USB cable to weather station. On the outside is an exterior plug and clams for the extending pole the weather station screws onto.

    Spare tire is mounted to wall in attic.

    The toolbox is an On Sale mobile toolbox from Harbor Freight. I cut legs off and used pieces of them to mount to floor f attic and the tray for battery box and air compressor.

    Aso have a 400 watt inverter that goes to a pair of Marine batteries (with in charger wired to them for when generator runs) allowing me to run computer and/or my CPAP for 12+ hours without generator.

    So, this is how I did my trailer. I hope it might help someone with ideas, and I'd like to see others posting how they outfitted their trailers.
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    Install Puck lock on curbside door. Required fabbing four spacer plates and grinding a molding lip, but it will help deter theft.

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    Check out my Blog "Life & Times of an Old NSS Racer"