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  • RIP Texas Whale

    I head up to Indiana Monday to bring back the Wagon for the long reassembly process. Hopefully finished for Bradenton 2019

    So the Whale is currently in Indiana being wrapped in its new theme. I now present to you a sneak peek of its new theme.

    Yup, it's not only Nostalgia Super Stocks first 60 Plymouth 2-door Wagon, it's the first (as far as I know) NSS Woody.

    I'll be heading out Monday morning to bring it back from Indiana, where its getting its woody treatment.

    When in comes back I'll cover and
    1. take entire front an rear suspension off,
    2. scrape and paint underside
    3. clean, rebuild and paint rear sispension
    4. clean paint paint and rebuild front suspension
    5. new brake and fuel lines
    6. Send chrome out to be replated
    7. Send Headers out to be recoated
    8. Refinish the grill
    9. Build a new motor - been waiting for machine shop to install eight .000 sleeves in my mega block
    10. Install drive train
    11. Install new Lexan
    12. Install trim
    13. Run new wiring
    14. Finish under hood
    15. Finish interior
    16. Fire it up and adjust
    17. Align front End
    18. Test

    It is currently nameless. When in comes back I'll cover and

    Trying to find the right name for the car:
    • PlyWood is often suggested, but doesn't do anything for me
    • Morning Wood is a popular name
    • Mesquite Missile s in consideration
    • Whale Wood keeps a little old with the new
    • Shg'n Wag'n
    • Max Wood
    • Woodimus Maximus
    • Maximus Woodimus
    • Maxine
    • Woodstock
    • Cowabunga
    • Wildwood
    • Lonhorn Limo
    • Texas Limo
    • Cowboy Limo

    There's a thread at that is following the progress of getting this car back on the track. Click Here.

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