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The Life and Times of an Old Drag Racer

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  • The Life and Times of an Old Drag Racer

    Each member is entitled to a personal blog that they can use as they wish.
    • Political Soap Box
    • Building a car
    • Racing Diary
    • Newsletter
    • Family Photos
    • Personal diary (that you can have private to only you)
    • Technical articles and advice
    • Humor .. Joke of Day, .. Satire
    • whatever your imagination takes you
    I use mine as a race shop diary

    I'm six decades too late for a "Dear Diary" -- but I'll use this free Member's blog to recap my NSS Racing, trials and tribulations of keeping the cars running, future racing plans and other travel that may or may not interest fellow NSS Racers.
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    Check out my Blog "Life & Times of an Old NSS Racer"