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    The paint on my wagon Drag Car is getting beat up, and if I spend the next year restoring the car - it should last me my limited years left in drag racing.

    I've been kicking around a couple base schemes (need to decide that before graphics) with colored pencils.

    I was going to go with Mustard yellow with pink flamingos - but Tony Smith stole that idea.

    Since colored pencils don't represent colors well, I included a photo of my black and red truck that represents the black red drawing, and my old 6-shades of blue truck that I'm also considering - but in reverse.

    What do you think? Blank page if you have an idea.

    the silver would be far lighter than pencils, exact colors of Thug being restored

    This is my old truck that I'm considering flipping light to dark and wider stripes

    these shades of red/black

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    Personally I like the Boss Scheme the most and Vitamin C Option 3 a close second. Although that two tone green would be unusual and cool too.