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    There is a weather station discussion going on at MoparStyle ( and got me to wondering what everyone running NSS is using,

    I have an old one that I bought in 2004 -- and haven't broke out in about 5 years. I've been asking Doug what it says for his car and estimating from there, but I need to breakdown and buy a new weather stations and software. Thinking about Chew Chief Pro.

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    We just lick our thumb and stick it in the air!

    It's been precisely calibrated and is traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.
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      CrewChief Pro is what I use.


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        I just ordered the same set up Doug has.

        Comes with Crew Chief Pro7 software to track the runs of all of the cars we run, with the weather station and wind direction with mounting poles. Based on previous runs where the weather was recorded with it -- it will predict how much weight I need to add (other predictors like throttle stop or delay if I was an electronics car -- but I use weight for Index racing) or take out to hit the number exactly. It will also send texts to me in the staging lane every two minutes to let me know if anything has changed so I can make mental adjustments.

        I'm sure y'all noticed the banner, so yes I got a little discount to run the banner for a year -- but frankly after spending so much time in Doug Duell's trailer observing this system, I was getting it even without negotiating the banner for a discount.


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          BTW -- if you call (309) 688-2990 or (309) 208-1486 and ask for Don Higgins (he's available 7 days a week -- as not only has Doug told me that he's called him on a Sunday -- I saw him call after his Internet went down and he wanted advice) please do the site a favor and let him know that you saw his banner here.

          There are a ton of different weather stations options from the full blown trailer mounts and computer tracking like you see on the trailers of Al Corda and Doug Duell -- to less expensive handhelds. Click the banner and look over their offerings.