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    Doug posted the below at the old forum
    He is some info for the Bowling Green race. First if you have not preregistered you can get in on Thursday. The only purpose to preregister was to save enough parking spots and to get a count on how many cars are coming. If you can come on Thursday I would do that. You will get the best parking and get your car teched. If you cant come till Friday get there early. We have over 70 cars preregistered and are expecting over 90 NSS cars. Its going to be busy.Second, the entry fee is $150. It does not matter if you come in Thursday or Friday. Also the entry fee is for car and driver only. Crew and family members are extra.Third, Please make sure your safety equipment is up to date. This is a NHRA track that will enforce the safety rules. At St Louis I thought the safety tech was a little loose but this will not happen at BG. This is for your own good, never cheat safety.Fourth, make sure your car is NSS legal. This is a big event and alot of money is up for grabs. Minor infraction you may be allowed to race NSS but major rule breakers will be moved to Open Comp. NSSSA and NMCA ruling will be final.Last item, to provide a First Class NSS event to all racers we are going to try to do safety and NSS in the pit area. I dont have this completely done yet but a plan is in place. This will help you avoid long tech lines. More details to follow.Any questions feel free to contact me. Thanks, Doug
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    Doug, after thinking I might not be able to get there until late Friday, I found out today I can come Thursday morning. So save me a good spot. Will look forward to seeing you then.
    Jim Netherland


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      Thanks for that friendly reminder, I went and double checked my car and my seat belts are 2 months overdue.