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NMCA Florida - Don't forget Your Permit

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  • NMCA Florida - Don't forget Your Permit

    If you're going to Florida, and your trailer is bigger than a 24' (28' overall) or your combined weight (truck or motorhome + trailer + plus load) is over 21,000 pounds, or your combined length is over 55' - you need a blanket overlength/overweight blanket permit. The cost is $20 a year, but the fine is up to $3000.

    Those black and yellow cars in the middle of I-10 & I-75 are looking for sportsman racers heading to Gainesville and Bradenton as this is a money maker. I've just renewed mine, and have included a link to apply or renew. You fill it on line, get approved immediately, pay by credit card, and are mailed the goldenrod permit to show the law. Do it three weeks before you leave.

    Also, as you enter the State, there are both weigh stations and Agriculture stops. I bypass the scales, but have learned the hard way that every trailer (commercial or not) has to drive through (usually waved through) the Agriculture stop. They will chase you down for a $300 (a few years ago) ticket.

    You've been warned!
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