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    After a day of an electrician coming to the shop and taking the awning and door winch apart, we finally figured out the electrical problem with the stacker trailer that had been blowing the inverters on my motorhome when plugged into the trailer.

    The electrical grounds under the trailer were bad. I should have suspected that as it was the problem I found wrong with the lift motor at Milan a couple of years ago.

    This week the whole roof was scraped of the old di-loc, 12 tubes of self leveling di-loc and a gallon of UV was applied. Fixed the electrical problem in the trailer. Tomorrow oil change and lube on the motor home. Next week the new Burgundy colored blinds will be in. Between Bradenton and Atlanta the new custom furniture (light gray and Burgundy) will be shipped from California, and after that I'll take the front seats to get recovered to match. Still have to recover the floor of the ramp door. Then I can hopefully get another five years of living in it at the track.
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