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    Looking for Retired Old School Mopar Mechanic. Maybe this fits you, but read entirely as my requirements are specific.

    I'm needing part time helping me fixing my drag racing Mopars, and making ready other 50s-70s street Mopars I have ready to sell. Cars and issues include:

    Lil Red Express with Fuel System make ready to sell
    65 Coronet Drag Car reassembly
    60 Plymouth Wagon, Check Transmission for damage and reinstall
    78 Magnum wipers so I can drive
    78 Diplomat Leak so I can sell
    60 Plymouth engine/transmission swap
    64 Imperial pull drivetrain so I can take to paint and body
    46 Olds Street Rod Interior
    81 Imperial make ready to sell
    58 Dodge Pick Up Clutch linkage so I can sell
    79 Magnum GT make ready to sell
    65 Coronet post make into A990 Clone
    70 Mercury Cyclone make ready to sell
    93 Allante make ready to sell
    67 Marlin strip to send to body and paint

    I have all off the above and much more to complete, but I show the above so you understand the diversity qualifications needed. I intend to work at my shop in Beasley, Tx on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from about 11 am until 6-6:30 pm, and looking for someone capable of helping me with the above during those hours.

    I've looked at my finances and what I can afford is 12 hours a week @ $25hr. CASH at end of day. I need the person to be able to work 4 hours while I'm there three days a week, or six hours while I'm there two days a week. Main reason is because I need to learn what I don't know, and help on the two man jobs. I have three bays that we can be working both together and independently on three different cars at same time. If one is waiting on parts, there are still two to be worked on.

    I have a lift and all of the proper tools to do any job.

    This could be perfect for anyone living in Fort Bend needing a low hour CASH job, and capable of these duties. That said, I'm not a rich man and this is pretty much coming from money from selling off many cars and trucks. I need someone who works efficîently and doesn't spend all his time shooting the shit, or texting, or.... otherwise screwing off?

    Perfect for a retired guy who is physically capable, but needs a little extra scratch to get by on. Maybe perfect for Snowbird wanting to head south for winter, but not wanting to work full time.

    If you think this might fit you, please email me at davetheoldhippie explaining why you're qualified to do this and why this would be a win win for both of us.

    BTW, I'm neat and organized, and not looking for someone I have to pick up after!
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