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Fresh Mopar Drag Race Motor 580ci/900+hp

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  • Fresh Mopar Drag Race Motor 580ci/900+hp

    Indy aluminum Wet Wedge Block bored 4.505 (just decked and honed)
    Indy 572 CNC 385 (ten passes on valves and springs)
    Calles Crank (Just Machined)
    Diamond Pistons (10 Passes, new File cut rings)
    Forge H Beam Rods (10 Passes, new ARP 2000 bolts)
    Jessel 1.6 Roller Rockers (10 Passes)
    Coyles Timing Set (New)
    Custom Grind BULLET cam
    Comp Roller Offset Lifters (10 Passes)
    Comp 3/8 Push rods (10 passes)
    Clevite 77 Bearings (New)
    Cometec Head Gaskets (New)
    Spray bar Valve covers

    I had ten passes on this new $27,000 engine when a bronze gear broke and I lost oil pressure. It made 902hp on dyno with Rat Roaster Intake topped with a pair of out of box Edelbrock 750s ad 2.25" headers. I'm betting 50 more when I added vacuum pump, custom 2.5" headers and a pair of worked 800 Edelbrocks.

    Engine was professionally disassembled and cleaned; block and crank machined; and reassembled with new rings, bearings, rod bolts, timing set, and gaskets. I'm going in a different direction with a smaller motor and keeping the intake and oil pan. Add your oil pan and pick up; distributor and oil, pump; Intake and carb; and timing cover and balancer for one bad ass Mopar Wedge motor without the long wait.

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