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  • Can't Login or Register?

    the below is from another forum, but maybe same issue here

    Last week I was at a race where a friend came up to me to say that he could log in with one computer, but not with another. I told him that I've used a half dozen computers and never had that issue. I ask what version of windows he used. He said one was Windows 8 and the other was Windows 10. Most of my computers are windows 10, but I have two that are Windows 8 as I have a check writing program that won't work on Windows 10. So that wasn't it. I asked what Browser he uses and he said Chrome on one and IE on the one with no login. I asked what version, and he didnt know, but it was years old. I'm betting it is either the version/age of the browser, or he has some funky ass (technical for non-standard) addon that is conflicting with Vbulletin. Could even be a firewall that is erroneously blocking the piece of code that displays the login/register Link.

    I'm going to show three images of what you should see.

    The above is what users who are not logged in see. You'll note the Log In/Register link in the Upper Right corner. You'll note I just added the same link in the Navbar, but I just dd that.

    In the above, I've logged in and the link has been replaced with my User name and Avatar.

    In this final image, there's a drop down box when I mouseover my Username.

    I'm hoping that my adding a link to the Navbar cures the problem for most, but I'm also suggesting that if you can't see the regster link, you most likely have a very old browser and going to have problems on more that just this site.

    I'm going to suggest trying another browser and/or update your browser to see if that helps. If it does help, please post what browser and version didn't work.

    If updated doesn't work I'm guessing it is your antivirus or firewall.

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