This morning, a stock (and shorter) Hemi dual 4bbl throttle cable replaced the single 4bbl that was binding from being too long.

Since the broken rocker arm was replaced, and .080 valve lash caps are now being used to deal with rocker interference, I took the car for a hard run on the road in front of my shop to make sure it would stayy together. Before I got to the road, I heard/felt a miss and turned back. Number 6 plug wire came off again and Number 8 looked a little burnt, so those wires were replaced. Back out and I quickly bought the car up to 7,000rpm in third gear twice. It felt and sounded good.

I gave up on trying to do Chrome paint on the Thug's bumpers. It's just been too damn hot to get the base coat on wet enough without being too wet and running. It was up to 99 at one point when I was chasing down paint today.

Anyway, I sanded, primed, hit with a couple coats of metallic silver, and some clear and called it done Bumpers go back on Thursday.

I took my golf cart seats and new covers to an interior shop, and they wanted no part of putting on. I obviously need to find another interior shop. Part of the problem was one seat was separating from its base, and I was told it takes expensive glue and has to be put on a vacuum machine. I took back to the shop and recovered three of the four cushions my self. On the one needing "expensive glue and vacuum machine", I used a full 14oz caulking tube of the clear strong RTV that I use on my Charlie's oil pan, a couple of clamps and a tire. I'll recover it and reassemble the cart on Thursday.

Not so much racing related, I hadn't started one of my Harleys in six months, and today's crappy gas had all kinds of Scummotes in my S&S Super E carb. I couldn't get the bike over 70, and that was a struggle. Rebuilt it, changed the plugs and took it to about 95mph and its back running good. I bought Ole Blue in 1993, and repainted it about five years ago.