Started with hitting fiberglass bumper with gloss black over primer. It was so freaking hot that Iíve got some orange peel to wet sand out before chrome base coat.

Next, I got the Thugís shifter unbolted and test fitted in car and drilled proper holes. Tomorrow Iíll sand and paint. A wrench was put on every nut and bolt under car while in air. Only a couple nuts lost a little torque, but were tight. A transmission line had a leak and was fixed. The fuel return line was rerouted.

I had Ole Blue (my 25-year-old Harley) in a few pieces in my garage at the house in Katy Iím selling. We got word Sunday that the garage door was open and a black man (none on our street) was inside looking around. So I went down there to put a battery in it and reassemble to ride to shop in Beasley. Last gas I bought for that bike was in October, and I didnít run it out. So my 40 mile ride to shop was having a lot of coughing past 1/2 throttle, even after a bottle of Gumout and 2 gallons of Super. At the shop I put a quart of Berrymanís in tank and rode about 20 miles. It got a little better. I turned off Petcock to run carb dry, and then opened to take for another 20 mile ride. Didnít get any better. Hopefully the Berrymanís in the carb will dissolve the scummotes from todayís shitty gas blends, but Iím sure the carb will have to come off to be cleaned.

Power widow lift are finally in the 46 Olds, but I need to locate new upper window channels. Any leads?