At Shop today, Vitamin C and golfcart unloaded, and rig backed in. Hope in process of cleaning grill and inside.

Ordered regulator and power window motor (missing and boggered up by my youngest son when he had car) on Hyundai. Right regulator came in and installed, wrong motor. Rock Auto sucks. No customer service number. Had to send back on line for store credit when they receive it - and order and pay for another. Once I use that store credit up, never again Rock Auto.

Mowed yard. Had a 1 acre wild flower meadow that I cut down to half acre. Displaced some cottontails and Cottonmouths.

Replaced valve covers stolen from 65 Post car with Modman with new. Waiting on grommets fro Oíreilly to be delivered. Front left strut was lose, so it got tightened.

Put a Mopar Performance intake on post car, along with itís old fabricated valve covers. Plan to start it up in an hour. That car will be a A990 Clone some day, and motor will be going into my 60 Plymouth post car. Itís a recently built hyd cam pump gas street motor that ran 12s in the 65. Started t car up for the frst time in five years.

My shop rat has spent last week block sanding the Whale (except Mark Artisí flag roof that Iím keeping, as taking to get wrapped in new Secret theme.

Hyd clutch in my Kawasaki Drifter 1500 fixed.