So we started up the Vitamin C, test the transmission, ran the valves, and adjusted the carbs. I drove it eight miles not exceeding 3000 RPM to test it and break it in. Then brought it back to shop to see if I had any leaks, check that the plugs weren't getting smashed by the domed pistons, and tighten header bolts. Will do the same again tomorrow, this time taking up to 5000 rpm - then clean and load up.

Then moved onto the Thug.

Drilled and grommetted a hole for vent. Waiting for 3/8 aluminum fuel line to make vent, and fuel system is done. Connected Fuelab pump and filter and ran a return line to fuel cell.

Made the lines from regulator to carbs

Installed Radiator ad trans cooler, wired fan and water pump to relays, got head light wiring started.

Should be able to start car when I return from the Bradenton race.