On Thursday, electrical from switches to fuel pump's relay and then to pump, and to the tail lights was finished. I ran it nice and neat in convoluted tubing. The rats nest of wires under the dash was totally ripped out, and all new wires to headlights (not terminated to headlights yet) and gauges - both with a 12v step down; and wires run from switches towards the front to the water pump, fan and trans cooler relays - although also not terminated yet. I need to get the radiator and headlights in so all of that can be finished.

I mounted the fuel fuel pump and filter, ran and secured all of the fuel lines to regulator, and made a grommet for the line passing through the trunk. I ordered a 1/2 dozen more Earls fittings and hose ends, and that will be finished when they come in. Ran fuel pump power and ground in small convoluted tubing and properly secured.

Yesterday (Friday) I had intended to spend time to start the Vitamin C, and to sand/chrome paint the fiberglass bumpers - but I had a 8:50 am appointment with an eye surgeon that took over two hours. I received extra strong dilatation drops and some violet tint in my eyes, and don't know how I even drove to the shop. All I saw was light purple and couldn't do shit, so the Vitamin C has to wait until next week.

The Thug is almost done. Radiator, headlights, grill, seats, and bumpers need to mounted. Front end electrical terminated. Engine, Transmission and Rear end fluids added. Shifter bracket/cable attached, and adjusted. Front end aligned, car scaled, all nuts and bolts under car checked, and the pre-load set. Engine then needs to be pre-oiled, started and tuned. Car as to be ran through the gears while on the stands, taken off stands, driven around. Finally all the valves run and all of the nuts and bolts checked again before it can be taken to the track for Test and Tune.

While I'm rounding third for home, there's still too much to do - all of which is safety critical and expensive if not right, before the Bradenton race. So I'm not going to not push myself under duress to get it ready for that race. Instead, I'll turn my focus back to Vitamin C next week, and hope all goes well with starting and testing that car before loading it up.