Started the morning by cleaning and touching up the paint on underside of the Thug from all the cutting and grinding that was going on from routing fuel lines; and securing the fuel cell, battery hold downs and weight boxes in trunk.

While the paint was drying, I mowed the five acres around the shop, as it was getting pretty shaggy.


After. I left a little meadow for the Wildflowers to bloom next month

Back to the Thug, Friday four wires (10ga main power and ground, and 12ga fuel pump relay and tail light) were wrapped in convoluted tubing and ran from back of car to the front.

So after mowing the yard, I ran that string or wires along the same route as the 1/0 battery cable and secured it to the frame.

Then the Fuelab fuel pump I ordered came in, and it was the wrong one. My fault for not verifying PSI, Summit's fault for not mentioning it was EFI instead of carburetor. The one I need is 7 weeks back ordered.

I'll have to come up with Plan B.

Finally, the Vitamin C has everything ready to fire up and tune.