The temperature went from 42 degrees to 80 degrees with a dense fog, and so the shop floor sweated completely wet faster than it could be mopped up. Some work was done yesterday.

Seats were pulled back out of the Thug, so under dash wiring could be inspected. It is a mess, so all new wiring will get strung.

My daughter polished the Thug's wheels, and now she needs to get the polish off the slicks.

Forward movement engine limiter fabbed up and welded to K Frame.

Fuel regulator mounted to rat roaster intake.

Today floor was still soaked and my Shop Rat was at hospital, with his daughter who was having surgery. I had tons of parts delivered today, so I set up carts for tomorrow's work and put away spare parts.

About two years of oil filters.

A very nice STR14 I bought for the Vitamin C arrived. I'll run the Vitamin C with the Cross Ram for a baseline before throwing the Rat Roaster on.

Have a cart set up to finish the Vitamin C, start and tune.

Set up cart for installing new fuel system.

And another cart for under hood, harness, net and running new wire.

Distilled water for radiator.

Finally put away spare parts that came in.