Late last year I blew up the engine in the Vitamin C. So I sent a 440 block to the machinist to do his magic, and ordered an Eagle stock stroke 8-bolt steel crank, a set of Eagle H-Beam Rods with ARP 2000 bolts, Probe Dome Top pistons, Coyles 9-way timing set, and all the necessary rings, bearings, head bolts and gaskets. Also sent the heads to be machined with new valves and guides installed.

Yesterday we stabbed it into the Vitamin C. We mated the engine and trans and tried to stab in as a unit, but after an hour and half of jacking up and down each and both ends of car, and angling the engine as much as 45 degrees - the Cross Ram Intake and Charlies oil pan wouldn't allow it to happen. So engine was yanked back out and transmission detached for a second shot a it.

Then, we realized that we had the Whale's motor plate on, so that delayed things while it had to be changed to the Vitamin C's.

Finally got the motor in, transmission and driveshaft attached, starter motor and headers on, radiator and distributor in - before calling quits for the night. This weekend I'll be recovering!

Early next week I'll get plugs and wires on, shifter and carburetors attached, fluids in the motor and trans, and electrical connections made - so it can be started and tuned. A couple miles of terrorizing the cattle and chickens on my country roads to break motor in a little (while trying to avoid running into Rosco P. Coltrane.), and then run the valves again.

Also finished the trunk on the Texas Thug. New 1/8" Aluminum plate for solid floor, six cans of black and green spatter paint, new 5 gal fuel cell on a raised munt I fabricated, new battery hold downs for dual 16v batteries, and a pair of custom made aluminum weight boxes. I ran new 1/0 red cable from front to switch, new 1/0 from switch to battery, new 1/0 cables from charging lugs to battery, and new 1/0 cables between batteries. I have each battery running to its own ground and a ground from negative charging lug. Still have to run fuel system next week. You can read whole story of the building this car at