My 19-year-old Daughter, Hope, has been working three days a week at the shop - and is becoming very handy. Today she polished the Thug's front wheels and wash my incredibly dirty truck.

I'm simultaneously getting the Vitamin C ready and assembling the Thug. The Vitamin C's new engine is finished, it's transmission painted, headers cleaned, and everything is ready to stab it into the car tomorrow.

0/1 cable run and clamped from front to back of Thug, cut off switch installed, and new 0/1 positive and negative cables made up and routed. I'll have a friend check my work and then hook up positive and button up rear panel.

I have a little more work under the rear of car to brace weight boxes and fuel cell, and touch up paint. Hoping to get Vitamin C's engine and transmission in tomorrow. Next week's goals are fuel system in Thug, start and drive Vitamin C, bleed Thug's brakes and put wheels on, and finish Thug's electrical.

I was hoping to get a Product Sponsor for the fuel system, but wasn't successful. I'm going to have to use an old Aeromotive system I use to run on this car when it was black.