Not thug related, but I put a handle on my aluminum roll-up bed cover. I don“t know why they don’t come with one.

Also not Thug related, but simultaneously I’m getting the Vitamin C ready – which is mostly building an engine for it. Just waiting for Machine Shop to finishing milling, new valves and guides. Yesterday I painted the short block Hemi Orange. Today I masked and painted the Cross Ram Intake.

Now Thug related, I quite by accident (looking for another part), found the Thug’s missing custom headers, that was in a box in my shed’s attic. I can now give Dallas’ (who was so gracious to pull his off to loan me) his headers back to him.

I next marked holes and then pulled out the mocked up the fuel cell, battery hold downs and weight boxes. I then started the process of breaking drill bits drilling through 1/8″ aluminum plate in trunk, and the steel bracing underneath. The orange marks were for 1/2″ Grade 8 hardware for the weight boxes, yellow for 5/16″ hardware for the battery hold downs, and silver for the 3/8″ Grade 8 hardware mounting fuel cell. This stuff is going no where should I wreck.

I’ll hopefully finish bolting the rest of if in tomorrow.