Didnít get as far as I wanted today. Iíve been sick since Christmas and my ass is dragging. Anyway, golf cart is modified so I can get into trailer with rear seat on. The floor flips up to be in trailer, and down when out.

Got all of the 1/8Ē plate riveted into trunk. Tried one can of spatter paint after a can of adhesion promoter, and it didnít cover shit. So I sprayed two cans of primer (still streaky wet in photos) and will let dry over night. I feel like I inhaled half of the primer.

Tomorrow Iíll spray in four cans of spatter paint and let dry for a couple of days. Monday Iíll bolt everything in and add the underside frame bracing. Iíll maybe work on window net, 5 point harness, and headers while spatter paint cures.