The backup plan for in case the Thug isn't ready for March race has been the Vitamin C. Finally got the 440 block back from machinist Thursday, and spent Friday with soap, water, brushes washing all nooks and crannies - and with white paper towels and tranny fluid wiping out cylinders until clean. Got new pistons and cam about 100 passes ago when I went from the 426 block to 440, but bought new rods, crank, bearings, rings for this build. Rotating should be back on Tuesday and assembly goes down Wednesday and Thursday.

also laid out the Zombie Gnomes and Flamingo that I'd gotten for Christmas.

Setup a new notebook for manuals, race log and service records for the Thug.

My youngest son Justin, is a SSgt in the Air Force. I bought him a new car (Genesis from Doug Duell) when he enlisted, but it now it a fairly used up high miler so I traded him a 13,000 mile SUV (his son is four and the Coupe was not a great car for a family man) that I'd bought for my youngest daughter, but since had given her my F150, as she wanted a truck. Anyway and need to put new brakes and tires on it, service it, and clean it up to sell.

Back to the race cars, the plan is to have both the Thug and Vitamin C ready to test in Mid February, and maybe take them both to Florida.