Engine done to the heads, which should be ready Monday or Tuesday

I have a cart set up to finish a little metal work around the tubs, and some seam sealer.

I have another cart set up with weight boxes, 5 gal fuel cell, battery hold downs, spatter paint, fuel line, new tail lights, lens, housings, and gaskets. I'll be finishing the trunk, fuel lines and battery cable next week.

I've cleaned and ordered everything I need to reassemble the Mega Block motor with 572 heads. Just waiting on the block to receive new sleeves, be machined and the rotating balanced.

Finally, here's a photo of the pistons and rods from the windowed motor, before I chunked into the future art bin.

I bought a real nice grill without any dents or dinks, just needs a little polish after I cut up another grill to make it a A990 grill.