So I buy this new Ram about three weeks ago to replace my 13 year old Ford. I use to tow the Ford behind my motorhome as I'd installed a tow bar bracket and wired it up for the lights to work when towed. I'd made a motorhome warranty appointment with the factory back in July and the soonest they could get me in was frst week of December. The plan was to tow my truck up to the factory in Indiana, drop off the Coach, and then head to Western New York so my wife can visit with her family, until Coach is ready fr me to come get. Problem is the new truck wasn't set up to be flat towed. So I ordered all of the parts, and this is how my last three days have gone.

Tuesday the the Blue Ox Bracket that goes behind the bumper and the tow bar hooks up to with removable mounts got installed.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day under the truck, weaving two wiring kits spliced together (I guess no one else tows anything bigger than a car) from front to back of truck. It was a PITA keeping it out of sight, away from anything could pinch, not attached to anything that might someday need to be removed, not mounted to anything that can move differently to the frame, and routed up to tail lights. I wired to a 6 Round up front (mounted to tow bar bracket) and spliced into the tail light with 4 diodes, as I have LED lights. It sounds easy, but took me five hours before I could test - and I got nothing. Damon was at the shop and helped me trouble shoot. We tested the 7-Flat to 6-Round cable, and it worked when E-Meter's probes were stuck into the cable, so it was assumed my wring was the issue, and we chased our tails trying to find in truck wiring. When no logical reason was, found Damon took a look at the cable and noticed the female pins were pushed back too far into socket to make a connection with the male pins. I called Dallas (He sells motorhomes) and had him bring home a replacement cord end for when Id see him in morning. I stayed another couple of hours wrapping everything water tight and remounting lights and the front 6-Round.

Dallas' Harley was at my shop getting new tires and he had my Geezerglide. The plan was for him to bring my bike to the house in morning, give me the cord end, and Id take him to shop to get his Scoot.The Porte-cochere at my house is so narrow that I might have an inch on each side getting Dually in. Once in I had to make a hard angle to right so Dallas would be able to get my Harley by it and into the garage. In thirteen years I've never put a scratch on my Ford, but I managed to screw up my Ram in less than a month. I cant see shit at night and caught the rear fender on the corner of the house.These new trucks have metal as thin as Aluminum foil. I was going slow and stopped immediately.

I took it to friend that owns a body shop, and a good buddy cash price is $1070 because of triple stage paint. I wont be able to get it fixed before I leave tomorrow night.

So back to shop I finished the wiring and tested.

Hiding the wiring in the wheel well without attaching to anything that moves or may to someday need to be removed was the biggest challenge. The Cummins and intercooler take up a lot of room.


I attached to frame every 16" and wrapped in convoluted tubing by any sharp area.

With that finally finished, I started on powder coated Aluminum truck cover strong enough to stand on. That was a heavy bitch. Took my yardman and I about two hours to install as the destructions were sketchy.

So I think I'm now good to go to hook truck to Coach and head to the Great White Wastland