A little over a week ago, my wife and went on a cruise. While we were gone my yardman and youngest daughter (Hope) painted +1600' of fence cream and brown. I snapped a coupe photos while mowing yesterday.

While I've been working on the Thug, organizing my shop and setting up my new truck - my yardman spent two full days detailing my motorhome, as my wife and will be taking t next week to Indiana for 7-10 days of warranty work. I'll pull my new Ram 4x4 behind it and we'll go visit my out-laws in Western New York until they're finished with the Coach. I've been running around getting a roll up bed tonneau and the tow plate/wiring. I'll install it all next week before we leave.

The front porch of the Barnaminium has needed paint for some time, and had my yardman do that yesterday.

and Hope has been pulling out the old landscaping stone and weeds, so that she and my yardman can level the Earth under where the cut stone will edge, and then I'll get about 4 yards of mulch for the beds. They'll do that and paint the two 40' storage containers while I'm gone.

And finally, for this shop diary entry, of the rods and pistons from the Indy motor that got windowed in Commerce last year, only three rods and four pistons were left that didn't have any marks on them. I guess I need to take up art welding because of all unusable engine parts.