Got a little more work done on the Thug Wednesday.

The brakes on all four corners finished, just need to be bled.
Four new Afco shocks and a pair of new springs.
Most of front suspension on
I was going to sell the 580ci/572-16 head engine because the 572 heads want so much RPMs, but I've decided to use it after all in the Thug as the machinist s taking a very long time to do my blocks.
Ordered 30' of #10 AN hose, a new 5gal aluminum fuel cell, a pair of custom aluminum weight boxes, and trying to negotiate a fuel system from fuelab so I don't has to use the Aeromotive I use to have on the car

I hope to have the trunk looking like new and the fuel lines finished by Dec 10th, then get the motor and transmission in the car, then the new wiring, then the interior, and finally the the final trim assembly so I can get to the track in mid February to shake down.