To refresh your memory, I had Indy build two engines, and freshen two engines. Two of those four engines quickly became total losses. This engine is a 580ci with 572CNC385 heads. When I took it to get freshened, I was talked into new pistons because they felt the ones in there were a little loose. They machined the block, turned the crank, milled the heads and assembled with with new Pistons, Rods, Cam, Lifters, Push Rods, Springs, and Rockers. It dyno'd at 902hp with way too small headers and no vacuum pump.

The engine was put in the whale and on the tenth pass it loss oil pressure. In the pits, we pulled the distributor and found the bronze gear was broke. I sent it back to Indy and they were suppose to clean and freshened with new rings, bearings, and polish the crank. This engine was suppose to go into the 65 Coronet (Texas Thug) that I'm building.

So after all of tens of thousands of dollars in low pass engine failures on the other engines they'd built for me, I had a local race engine builder pull the pan to inspect. He found that I was screwed. There was crap in oil pan, and the bearings and crank was scored. The engine was completely torn down to be done right, and it was missing head washers and had a few other minor issues. Its no wonder two other engines had rod caps loosen and window two blocks.

So the block and crank were sent out to be machined, and a good engine builder cleaned and reassembled with new Cometc head gaskets, ARP 2000 rod bolts, Clevite 77 bearings, Coyles timing set...

However after talking to him further, he feels that the 572 heads are too much heads for my goals. It really makes its power at higher RPMs, and like to shift at 6200-6500 RPM - and I'm ging to have him build me a milder (cam and heads) engine that makes ts power earlier. As sch I'm keeping the oil pan (Specific to my 60 Plymouth), intake and carbs (as a non NSS racer might be the buyer.

If you know anyone looking for an engine that can make 950++hp with 2.25" headers, vacuum pump, and tunnel ram with a pair of Dominators - have them contact me. It's frsh as a daisy and has all of the good stuff.

  • Indy aluminum Wedge Wet Block (Just Properly machined)
  • Callies Crank (Just Properly machined)
  • Diamond Pistons (10 passes)
  • Forged H-Beam Rods (10 Passes)
  • ARP 2000 Rod Bolts (New)
  • Clevite 77 Rod and Main Bearings (New)
  • File fit rings (New)
  • Comp Roller Lifters (Ten Passes)
  • Comp 3/8" Push Rods (Ten Passes)
  • Indy Spray Bar Valve Covers
  • Jessel Roller Rockers - Set loose to not wear springs (Ten Passes)
  • Coyles Gear Set (New)