So the race being over Sunday and the Hurricane hitting Houston, we loaded up and headed to Western New York, where Deb's sister lives. My shop Rat sent me the below photo or my Beasley property, which can be compared to the photo in the previous shop log entry.

While the flood waters got close to both of my homes, my shop, and the homes of my kids - we were very fortunate and none of my family suffered any damage. We stayed in WNY for eight days monitoring the situation until we could return.

Last year when visiting, I was invited to a Texas Holdem Poker Tournament that is held Mondays at the Polish Falcons in Batavia, NY. About 40 regulars play there each Monday night. I won that tournament, pissing off more than a couple regulars. This year I got myself invited again, and not only made the final table, but finished in fifth place, and put three people out.

We left WNY Wednesday and drove to Jackson, TN by nightfall. We arrived back at my shop at 9pm Thursday, and spent the night. Friday, I unloaded the stacker while my shop rat pressure washed all of the bugs off the front of coach.

While I was gone, my shop rat built selves for my storage containers and someone who works on my cars a couple days a month installed new carpet and seats from a BMW in my Magnum.