This "Shop Diary" entry covers three weeks - from 8/21-9/7 in two parts

On Monday 9/1 I loaded up the motorhome with fresh water, food and drink; and the stacker with the Vitamin C, my Grand National, race gas, and the golf cart.

The reason that there was five gallons of water in the back of the golf cart is that while loading the Vitamin C, it was discovered that the radiator had a leak.

I couldn't find anyone who could fix it while I waited locally, so I ordered one from Atco in Evansville, IN and Doug Duell picked it up for me, so he would meet me with it in Norwalk, OH.

After loading up, I mowed my five acres, as it would be three weeks before I could get to it again. Note the photo below for future reference.

We spent the night in the motorhome at the shop - so we could leave at 5am before Houston's traffic

We did leave at 5am Tuesday and the trip was pretty much uneventful. I drove 700 miles to Jackson, TN -- where we parked for the night at the Walmart there. That day is when we first heard of the possibility of a hurricane heading to Houston. Wednesday was another 700 miles, and we arrived at the track at about 7pm.

Thursday morning we pitted, established credentials and unloaded the trailer. I got the new radiator from Doug, and preceded to install it. During that process, I smacked my head hard on the trailer's lift, the first and hardest of three times. I had a splitting headache and was dizzy for the rest of the day, and had a dull headache and lightheaded for the next two weeks.

Long story short on the racing was that my car was all over the map with the small motor. Doug and Mr. Aruba helped (did most of the work as I had a splitting headache) tearing down carbs as I had dried white powder in the jets from the carbs not being drained prior to the engine pulled and stored for over a year. While not fixed, it was closer to predictable by Eliminations. I lost in the first round by breaking out in a close race with Jim Guy.