On the way to the shop I stopped by City Machine and picked up the Crank for the 572 Head motor that Indy freshened and ran on the dyno dirty. Both main and rod journals had to be turned down to .020 to get right. Put it under the assembly bench (to wait for bearings) and ordered the 20 under bearings.

Had my shop rat wash my coach (that I had picked up at Cummins yesterday), so I can make it ready for Norwalk and then a little vacation. My shop rat is 68 years old. After I fired the pair of Snowflakes (with a capital FLAKE) in April, I ran an ad and this guy called. He sounded so old on the phone that I wasn't going to even talk to him - but figured I ought to at least do that. When he came to shop, he was this little short fat guy who said he was 63. (I found out he fibbed when I ran a background check) I told him I was really looking for someone with some muscle to do the jobs I wanted to spare my back from - like swinging a weedeater and washing cars. He virtually begged me for the job, and I said I'd give him a shot. We agreed on $10 an hour, but before the first day was through I could tell that unlike the kids I'd been hiring, that this guy had his heart in it and bumped him to $100 a day. Four months later and we're both happy. He's not real fast, and its hot here so I don't want him to get hurt. What he lacks in speed, he makes up in dependability, honestly and dedication. I just feel bad that he has to work as a laborer in Texas at his age, but he handles July and August better than I do.

While the coach was being washed, I went and picked up 30 sheets of 3/4" plywood I had ripped into 60 sheets of 2'X8', 60 2x4x8, four 3/4" plywood crosscut into eight 4'x4' pieces, five gallons of High Gloss paint, ten pounds of deck screws for the shelves in the containers; and some angle iron that will be welded to the inside walls for shelves to be secured to. I'll be gone for almost three weeks, so my Shop Rat's mission is to build the shelves to my plans (see Wednesday's post) and have painted by the time I get back.

When I got home I worked on my Harley (Old Blue) for a little while.