The floor shift steering column that I refinished has been installed in the Magnum. I'll figure out how to dress up the shitty chrome on turn signal and tilt shaft while in the car.

Over last 13-years, I'd worn away the leather at the 12-o-clock position on the steering wheel of my F350 Dually

So I bought a wheel from a newer Navigator off eBay, and it now points my King Ranch into the right direction

I'll list the old one on eBay. Any decent interior shop can un-stitch the old cover for a pattern, to make and sew on a new cover in any color leather a person would want.

Miss Lavonne's (90+ year-old lady next door) relatives have been dropping the ball mowing her 5-acre yard and pasture, so I mowed it for her. They want her to go to a nursing home, but she wants to die in her own home, which she's lived in since 1946. She does pretty good and doesn't need to be in nursing home - just needs help with yard work. She use to mow with a 30-year old rider.

and mowed my five acres

and moved my old water well tank next to my junk cars and list for $20 on Craig's List. They make great meat smokers.