Started the morning calling and getting quotes on 40' High Cube shipping containers, narrowing down to three places.

Headed to shop, but stopping to check on Magnum's console being restored at interior shop (promised to be ready Friday), the tire shop to drop off a lug nut from Toy Hauler's so they can order the right ones for the Toy Hauler and new 17.5" wheels, then selecting the two containers and paying for them.

I got to the shop and graded a load of Bottom Ash into a ramp to the foundation where the containers will sit.

I arrange with a truck driver to will deliver next Wednesday. We had three inches of rain last night, so I want the ash to dry out good.

Took down the steering column I painted yesterday. I was going to hit it with a couple of coats gloss clear, but it looks pretty good and if anything - I should hit with satin clear. Got a new starter switch to mount on bottom. I'll clean up the turn signal ant tilt levers after installed.

Back home, the rain and flooding hit my pool hard. I put eight 3" tablets and five pounds of shock to straighten it out.