I'll Start with the Magnum

Interior was pulled out in anticipation of new carpet, seats, console/shifter and Steering Column

The steering column going in came out of a raggedy Magnum I parted out over 15 years ago. It was pretty pitted and corroded.

I started with 60, 80, 100, 400 and then lots of 500 grit to get it smooth.

It took about 3 hours of hand sanding - but came out smoother than new.

Threw on three coats of paint with 15 minutes between coats. Looks better than the photos when the paint had another hour to dry. I'll hit it with clear after 48 hours.

Got the railroad ties laid down on leveled ground, and filled in for a pair of 40' containers, that I need to go pick out - maybe tomorrow.

Gonna be a busy week. Actually a busy month as I need to take the motorhome for warranty appointment, pick up Toy Hauler and get the new 17.5" wheels and tires put on, take my youngest daughter to her college and move her in, and then head to Ohio for the Norwalk race. After that a little motorcycle vacation in Upstate NY.