Good forward progress made Thursday and Friday - even though its been hot.

The steel posts are ready, just need to be sunk 3' and a little welding done. Then add the solar/battery opener and a wireless communication and open/close from the shop and Barnaminium.

I'd mentioned in the last entry that I need to be completely moved out of my old shop by the end of September, and that I need two more containers for car parts and furniture and stuff from when I had a lake house. The next week or so will be focused on a nice level raised foundation on Rail Road ties and bottom ash.

So I took my open trailer to Eagle Lake for 30 #2 Ties, brought them to shop, unloaded, parked trailer, scraped an area and built an edge.

I'll box blade 34 yards of ash until the area is level, and then lay some RR Ties to set a pair of 40's on. After my helper makes some shelving inside I'll hire a couple illegals from the "Tree of Hope" (before they get the bottle of Tequila) to move my shit.

My bud (whomworks for me one day a week) got the 32" Lokar shifter and digital indicator installed, and is getting ready to pull all of the wiring out of the car and install the 22 circuit wiring kit - along with new gauges, power windows, door poppers, hood and truck releases, remote openers, power windows, and door cards. I would like to get it to the interior shop by October. Might see about him doing two days a week for a couple of months.

Speaking of Interior, getting ready to redo the interior of Magnum.

I showed y'all the black leather seats from a BMW Coupe in a previous post. I had pulled the console, shifter and steering column out of a parts car about 15 years ago, so I could convert the granny shift to console shift. I took the console to the interior shop to be restored. I'll tape off, strip and paint the column and strip out the carpet and interior this coming week. New carpet should be at shop Monday. I've had this car for a long time and it goes like a raped ape (I'd bet 11's in Quarter) with a built big block pump gas motor with aluminum heads, street/strip tranny, and 8.75 Suregrip with 3.55 gears. Now I just need to modernize interior and drive the shit out of it again.

When I moved my in-laws down from Buffalo to my Barnaminium, I'd set them up with a computer. With my father in law dead now, and my mother in law's mind on another planet (I hired a live in to care for her as she'd needs 24/7 attention - but we promised her husband we'd only put her in nursing home as a last resort), I moved the computer to my shop now that I have Internet. Spent most of the evening updating Windows, installing a new anti-virus, and updating applications and drivers. Had to move some stuff around for a work station area.