Last week I took my family and Geezerglide to Lake Qauchita for a little vacation in my toy hauler. Three blowouts, a slide-out motor that crapped out, and a water leak at toilet put a dampener on it - but we pulled up our big boy pants and had a great time despite. Toy hauler in shop now and I'm ordering 17.5" Load J Speed N wheels and tires to replace the 16" Load Range E.

Got back to the shop after dropping of toy hauler (and taking Dallas to lunch) to go through a week's mail, mowing the five acres, and opening/putting away a week's shipments. Part of the shipments in were seats for my Magnum.

I scored a very nice pair of black leather seats out of a totaled BMW Coupe (needed from two door) for $500 plus $125 for the ride from Florida.

They're real nice, without any signs of wear. They're going into my Magnum along with plush carpet, a floor console and replacement of the Granny shift column.