Went to Eagle Lake for Railroad ties;

then Home Depot for lumber, paint and roofing to build a shed around the well.

My bud that works for me one day a week sealed the front of one race transmission, and rebuilt another.

I had him pull the pan and a main cap of an engine Indy built for me - because of early failures five times on other engines they'd built me. This engine only had a dyno pass but the bearing and crank are scuffed bad - as was a cylinder wall that had a new piston up. Pulling the crank scraper off pan and there is a layer of filth and and gold/copper flakes in bottom of pan. Obviously cleaning a machined block is not part of engine building. The whole engine has to come apart to be cleaned, the crank polished and reassembled with new rings and bearings. Words can't explain my disgust from the tens of thousands of dollars lost on early engine failures of their engines. They have to be the absolute worst Mopar engine builder in the world. This is gross negligence.

The new Crank Journals and bearings are scored from only Dyno Time

Piston skirt also scored from dirt

After removing Crank Scraper this is the trash found in bottom of oil pan

I also mowed five acres while my yardman liquid nailed a hundred or so bricks back up on the shop's facade and planted some Hibiscus, Fire Plant and honeysuckle I bought while at Home Depot.

I unloaded the Vitamin C and the golf cart to wash and add a second battery to the car.