Crazy 11 hour day at shop. Two transmissions in and out. Both leaked badly from Bellhousing. Swapped in new converter but found out that the common denominator was both had new O Rings I had ordered from Summit with a yellow band on them. It stretched and virtually fell off pump when pump was pulled.

At 3pm we saw Trans was still leaking with a new front seal kit installed - after I took for a drive. By 4pm the car was back on jack stands. I did top side work removing left header, top bellhousing bolts, top starter bolt and turning crank; while mechanic/engineer friend removed drive shaft, trans mount, lines, drain and converter bolts. Yardman/shop rat helped him muscle trans out while I chased tools. By 4:30 pump was pulled, another pump seal kit installed and new converter was filled and marked for Flexplate. By 5:30 the trans was back in, headers on, shifter adjusted, off jack stands, trans filled, and I was driving up and back long driveway. Car felt good. The three of us sat in the rain (it had to have been 120 in shop today) and enjoyed a Frosty before looking under car.

Still need to go back to other trans to change pump O-Ring.

I'm planning to top off fluids today, make a hard hit on the road in front of my shop, tighten headers, check for leaks - and if all is well load up to leave Friday for SHRA race in San Antonio.

If all goes well there, I hope to hit the Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green the following week.

I really need to complete two events to shake off this really long slump I'm in. I'm starting to get paranoid.

Also consolidated/bagged/tagged trans parts from two large bins to six smaller (small soft parts, small hard parts, Clutches and spacers, drums and spring ends, bands, and external (speedo gears, mounts, flexplate bolts, U Joints, trans yoke, neutral safety...) parts.