Because my new motorhome doesn't have the In-motion satellite system that got both Dish and Directv that my last coach had, I had to switch from Dish to Directv at the home I'm having my mother in law cared at. I'm cable at the home we live in. The only appointment Directv could set me up with in the next ten days was Saturday 12-4, so I drive out there at 11. Naturally, the guy didn't get there until 5:30pm and stayed until 9:30pm - but I did get a lot of little jobs done at the shop waiting for his ass.

Almost twenty years ago, my wife and I had a real nice lake house, I'd just retired, and our kids were finishing up school - so we were going to start traveling the country with our motorhome and Harley. However, life threw a us curve and that was all delayed because we adopted a baby girl in crisis. It was a tough situation that we'll never regret going through, as our youngest daughter is a fine young lady who we love with all of our hearts. We did sell the lake house during this time, partially because the legal fees were in excess of $360,000.

So now that Hope is going off to college, we've decided to buy a lake house in the $Million range, keep our suburban home until we can move into the home my 83-year-old MIL is being cared for in (and then sell the house we currently live in) - and spend 1/3 of the time motorhoming (and me banging out the Harley trips on my bucket list); Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the burbs (later in Beasley) so I can work at shop while Deb visits our five kids and many grandkids; and Friday through Monday at the lake. After after figuring how to do this, I figure can pull 3/4 of the money out of mutual funds next year (when the Capital gains is lower) and I need to sell all of the stuff I don't need for the balance.

Soooo, I stayed up until 4am yesterday listing over 100 items on eBay, and then back at it all day. A list of what I have ready to sell can be found at:

This really only scratches the surface as I have about five more cars, another Harley, and three containers of parts to sell in Beasley; then I'll need to go over to my old race shop - which has a ton of parts and furniture in storage.

So I stayed pretty busy this weekend.